The Best Guns to Take to the Range in 2022

The Best Guns to Take to the Range in 2022

With so many choices on the market, it can be hard to know which guns are best to take to the shooting range. However, there are a few key factors to consider that can help you make the best decision for your needs in 2022. First, you'll need to find a shooting range that's convenient for you and check their hours and rules.

Responsible Gun Owners Practice Shooting at their local gun range.

Now, more than ever, it is important to know which ammo is available for your guns, or if the range even has ammo for a particular caliber available if you don’t have any yourself. There is an ongoing ammo shortage, especially for .40 caliber and some rifle calibers. Knowing that, you can choose a gun that will most likely have ammo available at the range for you!

Now let’s take a look at some great options for guns to take to the shooting range of your choice.  

Hand Guns and Pistols For the Range

There is an endless supply of opinions on which guns to take to the shooting range for practice. If you are not sure of which gun would be a good option for you, you can always rent a gun at your local shooting range.

We will be talking a lot about 9mm handguns and pistols because, to be honest, that is what the manufacturing companies are mostly making right now. There is a shortage of other ammo because it is not being produced at the manufacturing level and we want to make sure when you go to the shooting range, you have some options for a great practice time!

Usually a shooting range rents out the guns that they have ammo for, so that is one way to try out a variety of handguns or pistols and different ammo as well.

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Springfield EMP

The Springfield EMP is a great choice to take to the shooting range in 2022! It is in between a 1911 and 911 and the company recently redesigned the gun to hold 9mm rounds. It is small enough to make a great conceal carry gun, which is one great reason to take it to the shooting range.

You should be practicing with your conceal carry gun at least weekly! According to Springfield Company, this gun is a great one of the shooting range because it has a great grip, is the perfect size, and comes with an ambidextrous thumb safety.

Also included with the purchase of this gun is 3 magazines, which makes taking this to the shooting range even easier! There is less loading time which means more target practice with the Springfield EMP for you.  

SIG 226

Another great choice for the shooting range in 2022 is going to be the Sig 226. If you have one of these hard to get pistols already, you are really lucky!

This is a fantastic pistol to practice with at the range. This pistol was contracted for law enforcement and military and it is a great semi-automatic pistol because it also has 9mm rounds. Because this pistol has been used for the military and law enforcement, it is dependable and very accurate to shoot. Target practice at the range should improve your accuracy and using a reliable pistol is important! 

Walther PDP

A third choice for the shooting range is the Walther PDP. The company has worked hard to make this a great choice for anyone looking for a pistol to shoot!

They have designed the gun so that it can be tailored to different needs. If you want to have a different slide length or frame size, Walther has made sure you have that option.

Each Walther PDP also comes with a free optic plate so you can get what optics you want placed on your pistol. Having that on your pistol while practicing at the gun range gives you greater accuracy and more fun while practicing shooting! From the grip, to the fact that the Walther PDP pistol is manufactured with a pressure point and has a red dot show up for you, this is an easy choice to take to practice at the shooting range.  

Springfield XD-S

Our fourth and final pick is the Springfield XD-S. This is another excellent choice to take to the shooting range. It is important to remember any handgun or pistol you are choosing to practice with could be used in real life at some point.

The Springfield XD-S handguns are great for practicing at the range just in case you need them in a real life situation. Some of the XD-S models have been discontinued, but you can still purchase them from licensed dealers used.

The non discontinued model is the MOD.2 OSP version and it comes in either 9mm .45 caliber. It is lightweight, which means it is easy to hold, and shoots great from 10 yards all the way out to 15 or 20 yards if you really want to push yourself at the shooting range for fun!

Remember with any handgun or pistol, practice makes perfect. Even then, you want to try shooting at the shooting range with a variety of targets with any of your choices.  


Revolvers are always fun to take to the shooting range for practice because they are so easy to load! Revolvers are a great way to practice with any kind of target you want, but also practice for home security.  

The best revolver out there is going to be the Smith and Wesson .357 that also can shoot .38 caliber rounds. There are dozens of models of Smith and Wesson revolvers. Some even have .22 caliber rounds.

Smith & Wesson .357 Model 686

Our personal favorite for accuracy, little kick, and can be used by everyone is the Smith and Wesson .357 model 686. It has a nice molded handle that is perfect for practicing at the shooting range if you are looking to get a longer session in.  

Ruger GP100 Model 1757

The second revolver that is a great option to take to the shooting range is the Ruger GP100 model 1757. This model comes in .22 caliber and is perfect for people who are just beginning to use guns at a shooting range. You can shoot up close or try it out a little farther down the range. The important part of using a .22 caliber gun is to have fun, and try your best to get as accurate on your targets as possible!  

Rifles For the Range

Make sure when you are taking a rifle to any shooting range that you know if you are allowed to shoot it on the main range, or if there is a separate rifle range. A lot of gun ranges do not allow shooting of shot guns because they are not about aiming at a paper target. The important thing is to know before you go! 

Need a hard case to hold your rifle

The Henry Big Boy Classic

The first rifle is one of our favorites and one that is American made and beautifully designed. The Henry Big Boy Classic. It is a lever action rifle and comes in a variety of calibers: .44 Magnum, .45 Colt, .357 Magnum, .41 Magnum & .327 Fed Mag.

This is a fantastic rifle to test your skills and learn how to load and shoot! It is also a beautiful rifle to practice with and we love that it comes in so many calibers! Make sure to test your abilities with this rifle on the shooting range at different yards so that you can add a scope on top and take it out hunting when you are ready!  

Ruger 10/22

The next rifle we suggest to take to the shooting range is the Ruger 10/22 .22 rifle. We think you are going to love this rifle! Not only does it come in tons of fun colors, the fact that it is semiautomatic and holds large capacity magazines makes this a really fun rifle to shoot!

Be careful about rapid firing at any gun range, again know the rules, but if the shooting range allows it, you can put that paper target out at 10 yards and have so much fun shooting!  

AR-15 for the Range

The last rifle we want to share is as versatile as it is well known. The AR-15 is a great rifle to take to the range and practice. It comes with scopes, red dot technologies, laser sites, and more. The AR-15 is typically a rifle that you make into whatever kind of firearm you desire. But it still requires practice! So taking your AR-15 to a shooting range to get practice in before you hunt with it is important! 

Whatever firearm you take to the shooting range in 2022, we hope you always practice the rules of firearm safety at all times. It is important to remember, especially when shooting around other people, all the rules that you normally do and to be aware of others. We hope you grab a gun and go have fun soon!