Is a Condition 1 Case the Best Range Bag Alternative?

Is a Condition 1 Case the Best Range Bag Alternative?

How many times have you spent good money on something only to find out it wasn’t what you really wanted or needed? Don’t worry, you’re not alone — I have both of my hands raised. If you’re into firearms training, you probably have a box (or multiple) full of gear that you purchased, found out you didn’t like, and then tossed in a box and pushed to the side, never to be used again. I’ve done this with a bunch of things, but my latest frustration has been looking for the perfect range bag replacement. Luckily, after my testing, I think the Condition 1 Case is the perfect solution and a great range bag alternative.


Condition 1 is known for creating hard-shell cases that can stand a beating. Many people use them to put their valuables in, such as expensive camera equipment, high-end electronics, drones, medical gear, musical instruments, and in my case, their range gear. For the sake of this article, I’m going to specifically talk about my experience with the Condition 1 25” Roller Case #286. That said, I’ll refer to this throughout this article as the Condition 1 Case, just so that we are clear about which specific model I’m referring to.


Why Would You Want a Condition 1 Case as a Range Bag?


That’s somewhat of a personal question based on your circumstances. For me, I drive a sedan and have a bunch of stuff in my trunk. Therefore, things get piled up on each other, and if something heavy were to shift, hit, or go on top of my range bag, it could damage or break some of the contents. Therefore, I wanted something like the Condition 1 Case that provides a hard-shell construction and will keep the contents of my range bag safe and secure.


I also take a bunch of stuff to the range, and my range bag is typically slammed to the point the seams are bursting, and then I have to carry an ammo can down with me. I end up looking like someone trying to enter our country at the border while attempting to smuggle all their possessions. Needless to say, it’s not ideal.


The Condition 1 Case makes my life so much easier by putting everything I would typically have in my range bag, plus my ammo, plus more without worrying about stuffing my range bag or carrying multiple things to the range.


Even better is the fact that the Condition 1 Case has large, beefy wheels on it, so I can simply wheel it to my outdoor range. Some people would say to stop being a wimp, but I’d rather work smarter and not harder, and the Condition 1 Case makes my life easier. The retractable handle is nice, and, unlike competitors, the wheels can easily go over all terrain I’d encounter at the outdoor range, like rocks, gravel, sticks, dirt, grass, etc.


What Features Make the Condition 1 Case Ideal as a Range Bag?


Safeguarding your prized possessions necessitates the possession of a robust and unwavering case that can endure the perils of travel, extreme weather, and rough handling.


Enter the stage: Condition 1 Case. These hard-shelled cases are distinguished for their unyielding resilience and groundbreaking design. They serve as the ultimate fortress for your belongings and are steadfast in their commitment to securing your most prized possessions, regardless of your whereabouts.


The Condition 1 Case has all of the features I’m looking for in a range bag alternative and has plenty of space for me to toss anything and everything I’d want to take to the range with me (minus the ability to drop a rifle or shotgun into it, but you should already have a case for those if you were looking to keep them protected during transport).


Below are a few of their key benefits, some of which I’ll dive into deeper shortly:

Condition 1 Case (#286) Specs




Interior (L×W×D) = 21.60” x 16.60” x 12.79”

Exterior (L×W×D) = 24.58” x 19.58” x 14.60”




Lid Depth = 2.07”

Bottom Depth = 10.72”

Total Depth = 12.79”

Int Volume = 4,585 cu. in.

Padlock Hole Diameter = 0.31"




Weight With Foam = 23.4 lbs

Weight Empty = 20.6 lbs




Body Material = CN-1 resin

Latch Material = CN-1 resin


Unparalleled Durability & Strength


The standout attribute of the Condition 1 Case rests in its unique construction and overall strength. This hard-shell case is made from the finest rugged materials and was forged to withstand the test of time. The durability and strength of the case are apparent from the very first time you get your hands on the product.


The outer shell of this Condition 1 Case is injection-molded polypropylene — a material renowned for its strength, capable of defying the perils of impact, UV radiation, weather, and chemical hazards. Acting as a formidable barrier, it rebuffs water, dust, and more to protect your valuables. Moreover, equipped with a pressure relief valve, these cases remain impervious to the whims of atmospheric pressure fluctuations that accompany air travel if you were planning on using this to take your valuables on a plane or put your firearms in for transport to an out-of-state training class.


Beefy Wheels & Retractable Handle


When I looked at various hard cases out on the market, even the most expensive brands use tiny wheels for their roller cases. Being that I’m using this case over rocks, gravel, dirt, grass, sticks, etc., at an outdoor range, those miniature wheels on the competitor cases are not going to hold up and withstand the demand put on them like the beefy wheels on the Condition 1 Case. This was honestly one of the biggest selling points to me on why I’d want to use this particular hard case as a range bag.


Condition 1 describes the wheels on their Condition 1 Case as “off-road wheels” that not only offer stability but also reduce common vibrations that can travel through the case and to your hands. They roll easily and smoothly without any wiggle or side-to-side movement.


Customizable & Pluckable Foam Inserts


When this Condition 1 Case arrived, it featured yet another great selling point: their tailor-made foam inserts. Each of these cases comes with pre-scored foam layers, which effortlessly mold themselves to the contours of your precious equipment, such as firearms and magazines. The result is a snug, secure fit that minimizes the chance of any movement-induced mishaps while transporting your property in the case.


All you need to do is pluck out sections of foam so that your gear or firearms have a dedicated spot to be used as your range bag alternative.


The foam inserts are incredibly adaptable, allowing you to rearrange and reconfigure the interior to accommodate many items. Be it firearms, magazines, optics, or whatever invaluable gear you choose to put in your Condition 1 Case, you have the power to curate a personalized arrangement that ensures optimal safeguarding and organization.


While the foam inserts are awesome and provide excellent protection, I decided to take all the foam out and simply make it one large case where I can simply toss everything into it and have the ability to carry a bunch more inside the case.


Secured Locking Mechanisms


The Condition 1 Case prides a secure locking mechanism, allowing for an additional layer of security. The double-throw latches have been crafted to endure significant force, standing steadfast and guaranteeing an airtight seal, even in the face of rough handling or accidental tumbles.


Furthermore, the integrated padlock holes offer an avenue for supplemental security measures, ensuring that unauthorized access to your belongings will be quite challenging.


Portability & Ease of Use


The construction of this case is extremely robust. This Condition 1 Case remains steadfastly committed to portability and convenience despite being somewhat larger in size. Their ergonomic molded handles make these cases easy to carry, even when burdened with heavy range gear.


Moreover, their stackable nature allows for efficient storage and transportation of multiple cases, optimizing your logistical endeavors, whether it’s at the range or packing it up to check at an airport before heading to a training class.


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Adding to their appeal, the Condition 1 Case boasts an automatic pressure equalization valve, harmonizing the interior and exterior air pressure. This ingenious feature simplifies the process of opening the case post-altitude or temperature fluctuations, alleviating the exertion and frustration you may encounter with cases without such a valve or feature.


What Do I Keep in My Condition 1 Case Being Used as a Range Bag?


As mentioned earlier with why you would want a Condition 1 Case as your range bag, what you keep in your case is also personal and very individualized. What I carry suits my needs and wants while at the range, but you may get some ideas from what I store in my Condition 1 Case, so I’ll share the contents.


Below are the things I keep in my Condition 1 Case:


Ammo bag

Admin pouch (to hold tools and accessories)

Molle pouches (to hold tools and accessories)

IFAK (with additional contents added)


Cleaning kit

Ear protection

Eye protection



Target pasters

Staple gun


Spotting scope


Shooting bags


Would I Recommend the Condition 1 Case for Use as a Range Bag?

Without a doubt, the Condition 1 Case is top-notch, and I would highly recommend it. While I removed the pluckable foam insert, I like the fact that I still have everything organized and protected inside the case.


Sure, you may choose to get a range bag that has all the cool organizational pouches and spot already molded and sewn into place, but I like the fact that I can use pouches inside the Condition 1 Case, close it up, and know that the contents won’t be destroyed like what could happen with a typical fabric-based range bag.


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After all, when it comes to safeguarding your gear, such as your expensive optics, firearms, ammo, gear, scopes, binoculars, etc., this Condition 1 Case stands tall as the epitome of reliability and durability. Armed with unwavering strength, customizable and pluckable foam inserts, locking mechanisms, and effortless portability, these cases offer unrivaled protection for a vast array of items you’d be transporting to the range.


Add in the fact that I don’t need to toss the Condition 1 Case on my back or carry it like a duffel bag allows me to easily and smoothly transport my gear that would typically be in a range bag and roll it from my vehicle to a designated spot at the range.


If you were looking to purchase the Condition 1 Case mentioned in this article, below are some links to where you can make your purchase: 


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