Condition 1 and the Nintendo Switch Hard Case

Condition 1 and the Nintendo Switch Hard Case

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Broken screen. Damaged Joy Con. Frayed charging cables. Chipped dock.

The things a parent’s nightmares are made of.

Do your kids travel with their gaming console? In the car? Walking to friends’ houses? Taking it to their grandparent’s house?

The top three reasons a console is damaged are: Exposure, Impact, and Scratching.

Protect your investment from all three with a secure case from Condition 1.  Having that console protected during travel will remove most of the risk of damage that a console will experience. An airtight waterproof case will make sure any spills and dust are kept far from the console. Our rugged Polypropylene Copolymer has some of the highest impact resistance on the market. And a custom insert, or customizable DIY foam inside our cases will ensure your console is scratch free for years. It also offers excellent organization for your traveling gamer. Plenty of space for everything from the game console, to controllers, to the dock and cables.

Did you know a dirty console is more likely to overheat? 

Keeping your gaming console in a case when not in use will keep it from collecting dirt and other foreign partials out of the air. Thus improving the lifespan.

Secured in a Condition 1 case your gaming console will ride in style.  Protected with a custom cut 1.7# polyethylene insert and wrapped in Condition 1 security. Our cases offer maximum impact resistance and are dust proof AND waterproof. Making sure your gamer gets to the destination with electronics in tact. Other case features ensure your gamer is comfortable in the process, such as our rubber over molded handles, or the all terrain wheels on our luggage and trunk cases. With multiple options to choose from your gamer is sure to be satisfied.

We offer two custom designed inserts for the 13” #232 Condition 1 case, and the 16” #179 Condition 1 case. The 13” case is designed to hold the gaming console and a spare game and joycon. The larger 16” case will hold the entire setup. Room for the console, controllers, and dock are standard, but offers plenty of extra space for games, cables, and more.

Visit today to review the various size cases we offer, and to get your gaming console case today!

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