No Stress Firearm Travel with TSA Airline Approved Rifle Cases

No Stress Firearm Travel with TSA Airline Approved Rifle Cases

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Quick note: The TSA is not known to approve cases for travel. However you can get cases that are TSA ready, meaning that they fit all the requirements for travel

We have all been there, waiting in line at the airport ready to go on our amazing adventure, but there is 1 hurdle left. Getting your firearm secured for the flight.

And right about now is where we would expect scenes of damaged luggage, broken wheels, Laissez Faire baggage handlers tossing your gear all willy-nilly.  Take a deep breath, no need to stress out here!

Traveling with a firearm isn’t as complicated as you would think, but you will want to check with the airlines to make sure this process is as smooth as possible.

First off you need to make sure you are equipped with airline ready rifle cases, or TSA ready gun cases. This means you need to secure your unloaded firearm in a hard-sided container you can lock. This container can be inside other luggage, but the firearm itself must be locked up individually.

Once this is completed you can now declare your gun and travel with confidence.

Now you might be asking yourself, how much effort needs to go into finding a case to do all this with. Lucky for you, Condition 1 is here.

There are things to consider here. Size and function are the biggest. What are you trying to store and how do you want it to be stored? This can mean a shorter briefcase, a pull handle luggage, economy cases, or a long airtight watertight rifle case.

Condition 1 offers a wide variety of gun cases, rifle cases, and double rifle cases to choose from.

Our cases offer maximum durability so you can travel with the confidence your gear will make it to your destination, questionable bag handlers or not. The hard rifle cases you get from Condition 1 are made of Polypropylene Copolymer for serious impact resistance.

On top of that, our all-terrain wheels and rubber over molded handles ensure you get there with the greatest of ease.

Condition 1 cases can be purchased online at our site and they are also available via Amazon.

Once you have your Condition 1 case you will be able to immediately tell the difference. Superior quality, unmatched dependability, unbeatable price. 

Condition 1. Now you’re ready.


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