Keep those firearms safe in a hard rifle case!

Keep those firearms safe in a hard rifle case!

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Are you aware of the damage that can happen to a firearm from dropping off a table? How about being knocked over from leaning on a tree? Dropped off an ATV? Tossed around the back of a truck? Dumped in a cheap rug?

How do you prevent that damage?

Well that part is easy, with tough Condition 1 hard rifle cases, that are airtight and watertight!

Whether you want to secure your firearms in practically indestructible hard rifle cases, or you are looking to organize and be efficient with a double rifle case, Condition 1 has you covered. Our options include economy and watertight cases, range bags and more.

Do your rifle hard case benefits have to stop at maximum durability?

No, your case should reflect your style as well! We offer 8 different color options.

Being the envy of the gun range isn’t that difficult these days because we offer Condition 1 carrying cases in multiple colors to match your style.  While you’re providing the maximum protection for your gun, show your stripes with a black, tan, or green long rifle case. You can also get Condition 1 economy hard plastic cases in gun metal grey, ranger green, or FDE. If that doesn’t rock your world, then try traditional yellow or orange.

Customize it.

Modifying the foam will create a custom rifle case specific to your needs, thanks to our DIY customizable and slab foam. Simply layout your gear, and cut away unnecessary foam. Insert your gear into the new foam outline and you’re good to go.

External durability to protect from impact and the elements, internal security to provide that extra cushion, and the color to match your exact style. What more could you ask for?

Condition 1 cases are available on Amazon,, and through various distributors who provide custom foam inserts for many of our cases.

With all that, are you ready for an adventure with less stress? Then Go Condition 1.

Now you’re ready.


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