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A rolling tool box is a great addition to your lineup.

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How do you store your tools?

There are no magical ways to organize the tools as it can be a very individual thing. A woodworker may need a small amount of storage space, whereas a home renovator may need an easily accessible place to keep tools. So while your situation may be different, possibly you can grab some ideas from this.

 Storing in a garage?

  • To organize small tools in a garage, you can use magnetic strips for wall mounting. They can easily hold screwdrivers, chisels, wrenches, pliers, and other steel hand tools. 
  • Use shelves. Likely many of your tools will be too heavy or bulky to hang on a wall. Shelves are handy.
  • Get closed cabinets. This helps with dust. They don’t necessarily need to be stylish. This is a good place for paints, poisons, and flammable materials. 
  • Drawers are great for keeping sharp and small tools like allen wrenches, drill bits, jeweler’s drivers, and saber-saw blades.
  • You can keep all the nuts and bolts in clear mason jars. Put the jars on the open shelves so that they won’t clog up the working area. Consider attaching them up under shelves to get them up at eye level and save some space.

 Consider a Rolling Tool Box for Storing tools at a work site?

  • Toolboxes are a great way to store the tools as they are portable and have lots of space to store your tools. Use standard heavy-duty lockable rolling toolboxes to store all the expensive and larger tools.
  • You can use parachute bucket bags to keep smaller tools and pieces like bits, nails, screwdrivers, and tape measures to find them quickly.
  • If you have to leave tools overnight some place, lock it and chain it.  

Why use containers at all to store your tools?

 A tradesman makes his living using all sorts of tools and knows the importance of taking care of them properly so that they can stay in good condition. Tools are expensive. That’s why they often go missing on the job site. Organizing and storing your tools properly will keep you from searching for them whenever you are going to a job. It just saves you valuable time.

Rolling trunk for toolbox

 It is unsafe to leave your tools lying around, because of theft and injury especially to children. To help prevent rust, you can use silica gel packs in your toolbox or drawers. A little expense now saves you money later.

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