Storage for tools and equipment in cars and trucks

Storage for tools and equipment in cars and trucks

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It's incredibly handy to have tools with you in your vehicle. In the rare chance you need them, you'll feel pretty happy with yourself for being prepared.
Lets look at some of the ways you can store tools in your car or truck and what some of those helpful items might be.

If you're a female, you may be thinking 'I'll just call a guy.' Unless you're calling a mechanic or wrecker service, you can always be prepared for him to arrive sans tools. Some guys just aren't mechanically inclined.

Standard Vehicle Gear

Fix-a-flat, air compressor, lug wrench and jack, basic hand tools, spare fuses, pair of gloves, tire repair kit, tire pressure gauge, flash light, first aid kit.
You can always add to this list. If you're elderly or have health issues, you have to figure that in. If you live in areas prone to snow, tire chains are a must.

Also Useful Since They Don't take up Much Space

Bottle of water, hand cleaner, paper towels or napkins, snacks, raincoat, flares.

Where do you put them?

Most people aren't using the space under their seats for anything except a crumb collector. Get a flat wide economy case that will slide underneath and tie it on to something so that it doesn't come flying out.

Those glove compartments and consoles aren't just for your power cords and car manuals. They store a lot of stuff. For vehicles with spare tire access inside the vehicle, there's generally space around the tire to store tools. With the right strap system, there's probably space in the engine compartment too.

If you're driving a truck, a lockable truck tool box is very handy. Not only is it extra space to store your tools, it's lockable and can't be carried off easily. It's a good investment and you can take it from truck to truck as you upgrade your ride. If you're worried about the space it takes up, they do offer slimline versions. The truck tool box is all about the lock system though. There's no point in putting $1000 worth of gear in it only to find out later the lock was easily defeated.

Who among us has a Ram Box? It's only the greatest most useful invention ever. If you're not fortunate enough to have one, similar systems can be added. Check out the Swing Case Tool Box.

Now that you've read this, you're thinking you've neglected this aren't you? It's an easy fix and once you're done, you can rest easy knowing that you're prepared.