Ready For The Ride with Andrew Campo.

Ready For The Ride with Andrew Campo.

Andrew Campo

Professionals are putting our cases to the test - like Andrew Campo, founder and publisher of VAHNA and motorcycle industry legend. Here's how Condition 1 helps "Campo" get the shot. Short Video Here.

 A series of images showing Andrew Campo using Condition 1 cases on a photoshoot.

Campo's Story

Andrew Campo has been a prominent fixture in the motorcycle industry and community for over two decades. In his early years, Campo spent most of his time traveling to professional motocross races around the world shooting photos for leading print and online journals before starting his own online media outlet, Vurb Moto. You might say that was the first time he kicked the doors of an industry down and disrupted the status quo. After seeing success on the digital side, he took a step back to create a high end quarterly magazine that he would again disrupt an entire industry.

Building a print publication from scratch when most magazines are closing their doors can be daunting - Campo took the leap headfirst and never looked back. Since launching the magazine, he's traveled to world to fill his pages with amazing stories, world class imagery, and most importantly, the moments and memories created along the way.

Andrew Campo riding an Indian Scout Motorcycle on a two lane highway in Kansas. 


Why Condition 1?

If you pick up any issue of VAHNA or spend time on their website, you'll notice the attention to detail and quality. The magazine is printed on heavy, high-quality paper to allow the full emotion of the images and stories to pour through the pages and the website is chalked full of brilliantly crafted short films.

What does this have to do with our cases? Andrew trusts Condition 1 because he knows what he's getting with each case - Badass American made hard cases that don't destroy your wallet. He can trust in the hand built quality each case receives in our Texas facilities. He knows when he takes that camera out after globetrotting to Barcelona, Grand Teton Nation Park, or Bali, that his tools of the trade made it safely.