Let's talk camping storage...

Let's talk camping storage...

Poor Jimmy.

Jimmy and his family had been planning a camping trip for months, and when the day finally came they all packed up and went to the National Forest they were planning to visit.  Everything was great.  The weather was perfect all day, plenty of room at the park, and Jimmy was feeling the stress melt off his shoulders.  That was until that evening.  A storm rolled in and poured on Jimmy and his family.  Wild wind and rain beating them all night.  The next morning Jimmy and his family awoke to a huge mess.  The campsite was trashed, bags were flooded with water, and the trip seemed all but over.  Jimmy realized the mistake he had made.  No weatherproof storage. 


Be ready for stormy weather

Good Thomas.

Thomas was at the same National Park as Jimmy, but his experience went a little differently.  Thomas had his gear packed into Condition 1 cases and his cloths packed into Condition 1 Rebel dry bags.  Thomas slept like a baby during the storm because he knew his cases would keep his gear dry and secure overnight, protecting from the wind, mud, and the rain.  Thomas was even able to keep the racoons at bay with the secure latches holding his cases shut.  

The next morning Thomas wiped his cases off and went on with his camping trip.  Jimmy had to spend the day cleaning up his gear, packing muddy stuff back into his vehicle, and lost out on the entire purpose of the trip. 

Be more like Thomas!




We can help.

Condition 1 cases offer unparalleled protection to your gear, which delivers to you the peace of mind you deserve.  Airtight watertight containers will bring your gear together in a clean and organized manner and keep that gear protected for the entire journey.  Roll top dry bags are available so each camper can pack their own cloths and gear in a light weight dependable backpack or duffel bag.  Organized, efficient, protection.  What more could a camper ask for? 




OrganizeOnce you are all packed up with your Condition 1 cases, you will be able to experience your trip knowing that y our gear is reliably protected.  Condition 1 cases offer cool dry storage for all your gear, and even comes with a full foam interior so you can pack and pad your gear as you wish.  Beyond the physical characteristics of a Condition 1 case that makes it the obvious camping storage choice, the price will solidify the choice.   Condition 1 offerings are on the market at about 30% lower cost than the leading brands.  Same quality, superior value. 



Condition 1 offers small cases which can be used as medical kits or tent/car security box.  Medium and large carrying cases or wheeled trunks can be used as general storage and packing for gear.  Long cases are available for rifles, fishing poles, or campsite hardware.  Cases are available in a wide range of colors for a variety of applications.  Condition 1 backpacks offer excellent light weight solutions to some of your basic camping needs, and finally Condition 1 dry bags offer excellent weatherproof storage for rolled cloths, towels, and blankets.  A lightweight solution for an everyday need.  Condition 1 products can be purchased directly at Condition1.com or you can purchase your cases and bags through Amazon. 

Live the lifestyle you deserve.  Tackle the wilderness with purpose and pride.  Get out and go on the adventure you’ve always wanted and let Condition 1 cases get you there.


A few extra camping storage tips:

  • Clean out your gear before you store it
  • Shake and air out sleeping bags
  • Clean your tent and hardware and allow to dry 100% before storage
  • Remove batteries from electronics before storage
  • Do not store perishable foods
  • Keep an inventory of your camping gear (easily track most and least used items for adjustment)
  • Utilize recycled coffee cans to secure toilet paper or paper towels. 
  • Prepare meals before you go.  Premix pancake batter and keep it in an old condiment bottle. 
  • Bring plenty of snacks and LOTS OF WATER.