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Each sale could earn you an average of $35 (10%) or more. Plus! You earn commission on 3 levels total! 

See John.

John has an audience and promotes his custom link to them. He earns 10% with each order they create. If someone in John's audience (let's call him Tom) has their own list of customers and they place orders, John gets 6%, and Tom gets 10%. The 3rd level creates an additional 4% commission.

Every affiliate customer you create is yours for life even if they click on someone else's affiliate link later on!

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We'll take care of the math and tracking. You can follow along each month with reports on sales within your account. All you need to do is spread your custom link around!

We will provide marketing materials you can use in your promotions.

*Not all items are eligible for commissions.

Our affiliate program is currently restricted to persons living in Canada, USA and USA territories only at this time.