Secure your camera gear in a quality case or bag when on the move.

When traveling, be it local, or overseas, you always want to use common sense when keeping your photography gear secure.  Some basics include carrying an older bag to keep your gear in when mobile, keep an eye on your surroundings and being self aware, traveling with a friend, carrying your bag in front of you when in congested areas, and always have a backup plan.  When it comes to keeping your gear safe, only one thing goes further than common sense:  Condition 1 cases.


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Automatic air pressure valves make C1 camera cases TSA friendly

Condition 1 cases set the tone.  Discretely travel with a case that offers maximum protection.  Condition 1 cases keep your gear secure in a padded environment of camera bliss, so you don’t need to worry about your gear when traveling.  On the ride to the airport, in the plane, or at your destination, Condition 1 is going to have your gear protected and secured from unwanted attention.  Every case has multiple lock ports to secure your belongings, and user friendly latches to keep things in motion.  Simple colored texture is all that is offered to onlookers trying to spot that “Condition 1” label so they can get a case like yours, and keeps the attention off your belongings!  



Beyond your mobile adventure, Condition 1 will keep your gear safe while in the hotel room as well!  Easily locked and slid under the bed your Condition 1 case will continue to offer security and protection after you have left it behind.



C1 has a wide variety of camera cases

The size variety Condition 1 cases offers will help you secure all your gear.  Long lenses?  No problem.  Want to carry on?  No problem!  Need a small case for memory cards?  NO PROBLEM!  We got you.  Condition 1 offers 18 sizes, 5 standard colors, 3 advanced colors available, and more options coming every month.  Looking for a tip on organizing your cases and equipment?  Use your phone to track each case and its contents for the whole trip.  Keep serial and model numbers of your gear and photos incase you ever need to recall the info in a loss/theft situation.  Keep photos of your packed cases for reference as well!


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Convenient, inexpensive portable protection for your equipment

The best piece of advice you can get when traveling to a new place is to try and blend in.  Nothing stands out more than a tourist, and this is especially true for nefarious characters.  Utilize your Condition 1 cases to keep from becoming a target.  Condition 1 briefcase style or rolling luggage style cases can discretely accompany you down the street anywhere in the world. 



Get the right case for the job

The absolute next best piece of advice is to travel light and inexpensively.  No need to carry around tons of extra jewelry or extra luggage on these trips, so focus on what you need.  Most of the time one will tend to pack as much gear as possible on these trips – high end cameras and laptops, additional lenses or accessories too.  When traveling internationally try to limit your gear down to your needs.  To that point getting the right Condition 1 case for the size of gear you are traveling with is important and worth the consideration.  If you need a rolling luggage to go onboard with you:   Take a look at our #300 case.  Looking for something small and discrete?  Check out the #075 and #179 cases.  These cases should help you accomplish this goal, keeping it light and at a great price!


Protect your camera gear with an accessory case

Now that the flight and the hotel have been covered let’s talk rental car.  First and foremost be familiar with the vehicle you pick up.  Take a moment to get to know how it operates, how it locks, how the trunk opens, and other basic functions. This might seem rather obvious, but another key thing that will out you as a tourist is not being familiar with your things.  Condition 1 cases will help you in the vehicle by keeping it simple.  Easy to use features behave intuitively and our cases slide right into the seat, into the floor board, or into the trunk with ease.

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C1 has a great assortment of photography cases and bags

Finally lets discuss the different kind of Condition 1 products and how they can help keep your gear secure!  The absolute quickest and lightest security we offer is the dry bags.  These are not padded, but a few internal layers could change that, and have your gear ready for a quick day out.  Roll top and snaps for quick access makes pulling your gear out in an instant is no problem.  These dry bags are also an excellent option if you’re going onboard a water vessel and will experience spray.  If you’re looking for more protection and durability, we offer a full lineup of airtight watertight cases ready to keep your gear safe.  From 7” to 55” our cases will keep your gear safe dry and secure while you travel.  Our 14”, 16”, 18” and 20” brief cases also offer a padded divider insert that can be purchased to allow your gear to ride on an ocean of clouds while packed into a rock solid case.  This padded divider is also available in the 22” rolling case the #300.  Foam fills the inside of all the larger storage cases from the trunk to the rolling footlocker, and the smaller cases.  All this combined makes Condition 1 the go-to choice for keeping your gear secure.

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Some of this might seem overly straight forward, but as we said in the beginning, very little will do more for you than common sense.  No matter what you’re heading into or the challenges you face, the act of being prepared will allow you to make the most of the time and get back with some great images. 

Be safe, have fun, and get out there!

Condition 1, now you’re ready.